Agent-Based Traffic Simulation

Fast Dynamic and Agent-Based Traffic Simulation

Simulate whole days within minutes

Private and Public Transport

Both private cars and transit traffic can be simulated

Supports Large Scenarios

We can simulate millions of agents or huge, detailed networks

Versatile Analyses and Simulation Output

Compare simulated data to real-world counting stations

Modular Approach

We extend the software MATSim with our own algorithms as well as public contributions e.g. for autonomous vehicles or shared mobility

Active Development

The international community constantly adds new features and improves current ones

What InnoZ offers

Base-Model on a Regional Scale

We provide a stream-lined base-model for any German county (‘kreisfreie Städte’ and ‘Landkreise’). We enable our customers first economic estimations for current and potential markets

Supporting your Decision-Making

In comparison to the current situation of our customer’s market, we provide consultation on costs-intense investments or measures with a high uncertainty. Your benefit will be a base understanding of your relevent mobility market to conduct an in-or-out decision.

Specialisation and Calibration of specific Models

If a certain scenario raises your specific interest, we can offer you a more detailed variant to assess detailed business cases regarding certain areas, pricing, infrastructure needs or fleet sizing.

Demonstration of a traffic simulation with an autonomous RideSharing-Fleet

Visualization of an autonomous RideSharing-Fleet in Cottbus