Market Research for Shared Mobility in Düsseldorf

Numbers and figures gained through web-mining and open data sources were visualised and interpreted to draw a picture of the current situation of the shared mobility market in Düsseldorf.

Sw duesseldorf herausforderung
Free floating Carsharing - Usage of Car2Go (in Berlin)


A number of innovative mobility solutions originates from the shared economy. Also in Düsseldorf. But where is the actual market share of cars, scooters and bikes on offer? How do inhabitants incorporate those services into their daily mobility patterns? And how is the current development of these services?


Various sources of passively generated data were specifically analysed for the Düsseldorf area. Comprehensive data-sets gained through web-mining and open data sources were considered. Standardised queries and scripts were used to make results comparable between operators, stations and city quarters.

Sw duesseldorf herangehensweise 1
Free floating carsharing movements tracked through web-mining
Sw duesseldorf herangehensweise 2
GIS-analysis of the processed data
Sw duesseldorf herangehensweise 3
Spatial and statistical exploration of the data


Results were condensed in a compact report. Besides time-based high charts and spatial analysis of supply and demand, diurnal curves and correlation tables were important elements of the report.

GIS-based demand estimation

Sw duesseldorf nachfrage1
Free floating carsharing demand in Düsseldorf
Sw duesseldorf nachfrage2
Top-ten of places with highest demand in Düsseldorf

High chart of carsharing usage in Düsseldorf

Sw duesseldorf auslastung
Movements per free floating carsharing vehicle from January 2014 until May 2016


Duration: 2016
Client: Ein Anbieter von Mobilitätsdienstleistungen
Location: Düsseldorf


  • Provisioning of web-mining data
  • Post-processing of booking data
  • Interpretation and documentation
  • Monitoring with the Carsharing Dashboard

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