Our portfolio includes services from three areas: measuring, monitoring and analytics.

Measuring as a Service

Our database merges large amounts of information from various sources. This includes the output of past surveys as well as digital traces from the web. The ongoing updating and storage of this input guarantees a consistent and scalable data basis for further steps of processing and analytics.


  • Recording and reproduction of mobility surveys, third-party data
  • Recording and basic analysis of digital traces of shared mobility
  • Tracking of individual travel patterns with mode recognition
  • International survey of weak signals for disruptive mobility services
  • Identification of mobility attitude groups and other target groups
Measuring composition

Monitoring as a Service

With an increasing amount of data and a higher complexity, it becomes also increasingly demanding to stay on top of things. Monitoring the current situation let alone identifying the main trends might be challenging. We deliver graphical visualisations, which enable you to get a hold on spatial and chronological factors – on demand and tailor-made.


  • Digital Mobility Monitor – overview over relevant mobility indicators
  • Mobility Monitor Report – periodically publicised reports and evaluations
  • Innovation Map - visualisation of new products and services
  • Time-based visualisation of mobility behaviour on city or sub-city scale
Monitoring composition

Analysing as a Service

Data fusion assisted by mobility experts gives our information a new level of depth. Competencies in data-analytics, transport modeling and communication design enable us to support your decision-making with meaningful evaluations, pinpointing scenarios and easily understandable description of information.


  • Analysis, modeling and data-fusion of mobility data
  • Planning of infrastructure e.g. electric charging facilities
  • Appraisal of business models of innovative mobility services
  • Supporting disposition of vehicles e.g. for shared mobility services
  • Transport planning and visualization e.g. for autonomous driving and carsharing
Analysing composition


Our customers include both industrial companies and public, political and scientific institutions.