Bike-Usage Survey for Berlin

A survey on intermodal behaviour of combined bike and public transport usage – the project name literally translates to ‘bike tracks reader’. Recommendations for planers and decision makers to implement measures for public bicycle infrastructure.

How are bicycle and public transport combined in Berlin?


Popularity of bicycle riding has grown in German cities. The attractiveness grows especially where a combination with the public transport infrastructure is uncomplicated and easy. Still, many obstacles can be found e.g. with capacity shortfalls or unsafe bicycle racks. To fulfill both socially as well as economically sound measures, typical habits and attitudes from (potential) bicyclists have to be measured on a detailed level.


Conventional survey methods often replicate a very subjective feeling of the interviewee. The numbers on actual mobility behaviour stay vague. The InnoZ has used its in-house smartphone tracking technology with the application modalyzer to gain a better picture. modalyzer is a digital trip diary, which automatically detects mode type, duration and length of recent trips and legs. A comprehensive set of trips – 6 000 days with 270 000 km from 151 persons – could be gained this way.

Smartphone tracking with modalyzer
Automatic recognition of traffic modes
Comprehensive analysis of collected data


The study shows how intermodal linkage of bicycle and public transport works during a Berliner’s typical day. By detecting current pressure points, recommendations for measures could be drawn. Planners and public transport operators could as a result be consulted on where and how to invest in bicycle infrastructure, so that it is meaningful to its users.

Bicycle usage in Berlin during winter and spring

Spatial distribution of bicycle usage in January/February 2016
Spatial distribution of bicycle usage in April/May 2016

Interactive map: Bicycle speeds in Berlin

Colors indicate average speed


Duration: 2015 - 2016
Client: Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur
Location: Berlin


  • Datenerhebung mit dem digitalen Mobilitätsloguch modalyzer, Auswertung und Visualisierung der erhobenen Mobilitätsdaten
  • Durchführung und Auswertung einer Onlineumfrage
  • Mobilitätstypenanalyse der StudienteilnehmerInnen

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