Charging Facilities in Brandenburg

An assessment of local conditions is conducted in the PIOnEER Project, with the aim to identify priorities for the implementation of integrated electric mobility and micro-smart grid solutions.

Pioneer herausforderung
Charging facilities for electric mobility


Every region and every city has very specific characteristics and needs. Similarly, Brandenburg with its diverse landscape from Potsdam and the outskirts of Berlin to the extremely rural landscapes asks for a multi-layered analysis of various conditions.


With the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) in lead, an assessment of local conditions for the implementation of integrated electric mobility and micro-smart grid solutions is conducted. The InnoZ is responsible for the implementation of a multi-criteria analysis using the AHP method based on selected geo-data on a community level. With the project partners, a list of the most important criteria was selected and weighted according to its estimated influence.

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The weighting of relevant factors is gained in expert workshops
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Parameter- and indicator structure


The process delivers a final ranking of communities which can be used as a priority list or visualised in an interactive map. With every criteria contributing to the score, in-depth analysis for each locality can be done by a click.

Interactive map with scores as the result of the AHP-analysis

Displaying results for communal levels


Duration: 2016
Client: Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie des Landes Brandenburg
Location: Brandenburg


  • Integration of various sets of geo-data
  • Contribution of proprietary mobility data
  • Concept and conduction of the multi-criteria analysis
  • Calculation of assessment scores and conduction on community level

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