Site Planning for the EUREF-Campus

The project Mobility2Grid (M2G) at the EUREF Research Campus tests sustainable and integrated mobility and energy solutions in an urban context. Central is the integration of renewables, micro-smart grids and electric mobility.

Euref campus
Current parking situation at the EUREF-Campus (Source: BENCON ENERGIES)


In the forthcoming decades, both - the mobility and the energy sector - will be subjects of radical changes. It is likely that future societies will bring both aspects closer to each other. Apart from any technical challenge and economic feasibility, another main question has to be addressed. How can user demands for electric mobility be satisfied while staying in tune with renewable production and energy consumption? ICT solutions play a vital role in addressing those needs.


Specific tasks are defined in the project, being the formulation of an integrated mobility concept, the organisation of labs for the development of digital services, and finally the trial in a realistic setting. Various forms of information are brought together and analyses. Booking data, records from energy producers and consumers, charging infrastructure data, and in-depth surveys of a large number of local users create a unique frame for applied research and development.

Euref herangehensweise 1
Change towards parking with infrastructure for electric vehicles
Euref herangehensweise 2
Smartphone-tracking app modalyzer
Euref herangehensweise 3
Visualisation of modalyzer data


Origins, destinations, time of arrival, duration of stay, and choice of mode. Areas of transition like the EUREF-Campus are work locations of people with various backgrounds. The results show this variety and the pluralisation of every-day activity decisions, trips and mode choices and their complementary services in modern, flexible urban mobility.

Dynamic visualisation of modalyzer data

Trips during the course of the day, recorded from January to May 2016.


Duration: 2015 - 2016
Client: Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH
Location: Berlin


  • Preparation and analytics of electric mobility data
  • User-focused data generation under realistic conditions
  • Smartphone tracking from friendly users
  • interactive visualisation of commuters habits and routines

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