What sets us apart.

Innovative solutions for electric mobility are our core competency.

From the private car and PT to mobility as a service?

OEMs and PT-operators are facing a complete change of course, which seems to overhaul the entire market. A number of new services, e.g. free-floating carsharing, are already on the streets. They are also digitally represented and deliver a new quantity of data which we record and use. This comprehensive data basis allows us to monitor the current change and include them at a very early stage into our transport models to simulate mobility scenarios with an up-scaled supply.

Analysis and monitoring with InnoZ software

  • Carsharing dashboard

    Carsharing Dashboard

    Over 40 cities worldwide with free-floating carsharing services are displayed with current and past demand visualised on web-maps and in high-charts.

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  • Simulation

    Traffic Simulation

    Estimate current and future demand for new mobility services with our agent-based modelling services.

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  • Innovationslandkarte

    Map of Innovations

    A digital space for new ideas and technologies, which interactively helps your company to explore the innovative mobility market.

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The Mobility DataHub

Our database is continually expanded and updated to cover the most current status data from the changing world of mobility services. Consequently, our ability to analyse the mobility markets live is unique and helps us conduct short-, medium- and log-term forecasts as well as scenario predictions.

  • > 100 mio. free floating carsharing movements
  • > 100 mio. bikesharing movements
  • > 25 mio. station-based carsharing movements
  • > 35.000 charging facilities
  • and more...
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From car ownership to a shared economy?

A change in the importance of car ownership can be found especially in cities. But does this already indicates a lasting change in how we understand our mobility? With in-house developed tools and studies the InnoZ measures societal changes in mobility-related attitudes and behavior.

  • Modalyzer


    We provide a smartphone tracking technology used to detect trips and legs with a fully automated mode recognition. Projects can be displayed on the tools website and benefit from existing users and data and/or generate new input in an uncomplicated way.

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  • Mobitypen

    Mobility Attitude Groups

    Together with LSE Cities the InnoZ has conducted a study “Towards New Urban Mobility” in 2015. For four metropolitan areas in Germany as well as London approximately a 1000 interviewees were surveyed regarding their mobility attitudes.

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  • Lead user panel

    Lead User Studies

    Analysing attitudes, opinions and behaviour of mobility innovation lead users

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